Nermin Goenenc


Nermin Goenenç is known as a singer with a strong, passionate voice. With her own soul band, she has been part of Mallorca's musical inventory for many years.

I started singing very, very early, at the age of 14, and in the following years I was able to experience all sorts of things in this area as a singer.

As the front woman of the 10-piece soul band “The Soulcats”, I performed live on many stages throughout Germany and also made television appearances for over 10 years.

I toured acoustically in German and French churches with the gospel choir “The Accapellas” for about two years.

I accompanied the legendary singer Inga Rumpf, who comes from Hamburg, as a background singer on her project “Walking in the Light” for over two years.

I gave my voice to many a movie and sang choirs, songs and advertising jingles in many studio jobs.

All Sessions by Nermin Goenenc

19:30 - 22:30
Calle General Ricardo Ortega, 07006 Palma

Jazz Dinner